At any stage of your career at Urbane Private Limited, you’ll find the possibilities for personal and professional growth. Energize your career with unique opportunities. Here at Urbane Private Limited, we empower you to turn career goals into reality. We reward talented professionals who combine their experience and a fresh point of view to create value for our customers. Urbane private limited having the Technical/Non- Technical staff of 250+ people providing services in different domains .

  • Our IT Team
Employee IDNameStatus
UPL-7145288-2019127Waqas Khalil QaziActive
UPL-4909789-2019129Zohaib ManzoorActive
UPL-1765684-2019130Rao Majid SaleemActive
UPL-9936379-2019131Hamza Irfan MughalActive
UPL-0873036-2019132Abdul WahabActive
UPL-4996163-2019133Muhammad Moeed TariqActive
UPL-4056285-2019135Gul Ahmed KhanActive
UPL-0779140-2019136Ammar ArshadActive
UPL-2973405-2019292Anas Shafique Active
UPL- 2973405-2019293Muhammad Usman RaufActive
UPL-1733339-2019294Muhammad HumzaActive
  • Our Back Office Team

Employee IDNameStatus
UPL-3727721-2019168Ahsan JavaidActive
UPL-7102286-2019167Zahid SaeedActive
UPL-8558919-2019170Syed Behzad Raza ZaidiActive
UPL-9550714-2019169Khawaja FaizanActive
UPL-2975956-2019137Muhammad Kashif.Active
UPL-9320753-2019138Usama KhanActive
UPL-0234341-2019139Muhammad Yasir NawazActive
UPL-4899225-2019140Talha AsifActive
UPL-1682474-2019134Zohaib AliActive
  • Our Front Office Team
UPL-3516954-2019114Muhammad Azeem NisarActive
UPL-8227847-2019115Usman ZulqarnainActive
UPL-7259508-2019116Haroon RasheedActive
UPL-2063166-2019117Usman MushtaqActive
UPL-4885980-2019118Syed Muneeb AliActive
UPL-9184727-2019119Danial ZiaActive
UPL-9651175-2019120Saad MumtazActive
UPL-2352690-2019121Syed Irtza AkhtarActive
UPL-8263959-2019122Syed Naveed AliActive
UPL-8086889-2019124Muhammad Hamza MunirActive
UPL-3015004-2019126Saad Rasool KhanActive
UPL-7675344-2019128Shehroz SaifullahActive
UPL-0700826-2019326Muhammad Shahram KhalidActive
  • Our LTE & VoIP Network Team
UPL-6004680-2019178Bahzad Dastgir KhanActive
UPL-9145694-2019218M. Talha JavedActive
UPL-1004293-2019305Muhammad Zubair Active
UPL-9410720-2019211Aamir ShahzadActive
UPL-2004731-2019228Adeem HussainActive
UPL-3630750-2019207Muhammad WaqasActive
UPL-0425678-2019217Shabraiz Ali KhanActive
UPL-6871715-2019213Sharjeel BashirActive
UPL-0627374-2019215Musannif Ali Active
UPL-5372351-2019225Muhammad FaisalActive
UPL-9380870-2019226Umar FarooqActive
UPL-6153997-2019227Sarwar AliActive
UPL-0856941-2019286Zahid IqbalActive
UPL-0544825-2019287Muhammad WaqasActive
UPL-7916518-2019288Asim IqbalActive
UPL-4621552-2019239Ahmed BilalActive
UPL-4951935-2019260Muhammad Awais RazaActive
UPL-0275338-2019272Muhammad IshaqActive

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