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Urbane provides customers, distribution channel partners and social IT practitioners with a full range of certificated professional trainings for networking products and technologies. Urbane is committed to providing comprehensive, professional, reputable technology certification training, meeting the needs at all levels, viaits training system. According to different technical applications, and fully considering the needs of customers at different levels, Urbane provides customers with a four-level network authentication system from network assistant engineers to network experts.


The certification mainly focuses on the planning, design, configuration, and maintenance of small- and medium-sized networks. It demonstrates a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of data communications networking, mastery of technologies commonly adopted in small- and medium-sized enterprise networks, and ability to design small- and medium-sized networks using network equipment.


The Certified Senior Engineer for Routing & Switching (certificate demonstrates mastery of the full range of theoretical knowledge and operational skills required to deploy campus networks, including routing, switching, multicast, VPN, QoS, and basic security features, and competence in the construction and management of large- and medium-sized complex networks.


The Certified Senior Engineer for WLAN Certification will help you understand the 802.11 protocol suite, further master WLAN surveying and design utilizing mainstream WLAN devices and antennas, and prepare you for using wireless products in deployment, engineering implementation, and O&M situations.


The training plan includes a variety of product or certification training organized by the training headquarters. If you have the training demands, please query us for the details information and register for participation.

Urbane’s authorized training center can provide certified training services. Please check the details and register for the training if you need.

This business is impartial, it brings students together to confirm creating services high quality and set reviewsonline-essay-help netwith these solutions, it is possible to look for the very best websites to work with.

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  • Smart Buildings and Properties
  • Smart Industrial Environment
  • Smart City Services
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Smart Water Management
  • Smart Waste Management
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