We are providing services – Emerging Technologies – Transforming your Today, Tomorrow. Our technologies ensure that Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment. Forward-looking organizations are using emerging technology to transform the way they do business. Urbane makes it easy to put these technologies to work. We provide solutions as:


Promoting the application of modern techniques and tools to enhance education and provide technical support.

The rapid development of the Internet, especially the mobile Internet, is driving transformational change in traditional industries. The opportunities for cross-border interconnection/integration yielded by the Internet has provided traditional industries in particular with great opportunities for innovation and evolution, and has converted IT from a business support role into a key business driver.


Cloud computing is of great significance in both basic education and higher education fields. Unfair access to basic education resources is a major challenge to basic education. By constructing unified, open, high-quality educational cloud platforms, high-quality resources can be distributed via the cloud. Excellent resources can be promoted and circulated among schools and regions, and thereby promoting the fairness of education. In the New IT era, the construction of campus cloud platforms is mainly concerned with integration. Compared with the previous separated departmental level systems, highly integrated campus cloud platforms provide users with far more convenient access to teaching, research, and management IT resources.


Standing firms with both existing and innovative technologies promote integrating services and the real economy.

During our service, financial industry during the past few years, its customer portfolio has grown to cover over 90% the sector. A key provider of industry-leading has been critical in the digitalization of many financial enterprises. Urbane’s Financial Solution covers four main areas – Financial Hybrid Cloud, Financial Big Data, Financial Connect+, and Financial Security+ – and has been adopted by hundreds of customers in the banking, insurance, and capital markets.

Financial enterprises have stringent requirements for the standardization of information systems. In addition, due to extremely high service complexity, the information systems are required to adapt to a wide range of access scenarios and support flexible security control schemes and agile architecture adjustment methods. Based on virtualization and embedded security, network resource pool technology is introduced to satisfy what an agile architecture design needs and facilitate network expansion. While achieving secure isolation between departments, this phase also achieves resource integration and isolation using network resource pool technology.


Integrating intelligent and manufacturing technologies are to achieve digital manufacturing.

Urbane, a leader in smart manufacturing with cutting-edge innovative technologies and deep industry experience, is assisting manufacturing enterprises to accelerate the integration of industrial and information technology, thereby improving manufacturing quality and production efficiency, reinventing themselves as smart manufacturers. By assuming a leading role in the development of smart manufacturing and planning for a digital future, Urbane has not only become a leader in smart manufacturing innovation technology, but also a pioneer in industrial practice, and a crucial participant in a key national strategy.


The National Healthcare Service System has updated databases, storing population information, health records, and medical records, covering basically the entire population, alongside a health information platform covering four levels-national, provincial, municipal, and county. Development of mobile Internet and tele-medicine services will also be actively promoted. The Plan for Deepening the Reform of the Medical and Health Care System, calls for breakthroughs in graded diagnosis and treatment, hospital management, universal medical insurance, drug supply assurance, and comprehensive supervision systems, and adoption of IT methods to promote the vertical flow of medical resources, improve the accessibility of quality medical resources, and improve the overall efficiency of medical services.

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