Site Management Unit & Intelligent NMS

Urbane’s Site Management Unit & Intelligent Network Management System (NMS) consists of servers, NetEco software, a site controller, and wireless sensors, providing visible and intelligent management of site energy devices.

By adopting cutting-edge digital and intelligent technologies, the NetEco system improves maintenance efficiency, power supply reliability, and asset security. While, for Urbane power scenarios, the system’s built-in controller eliminates the need for the SCC800 controller, site sensors are wire-free, enabling easy deployment and fast Time To Market (TTM).

More related Products

SCC800 Smart Site Management Unit

The SCC800 Smart Site Management Unit monitors power and applies advanced ICT technology to digitalize and manage telecom power sites, which helps to build a high reliability telecom energy network.

Outdoor Integrated Intelligent Site

Huawei MTS9000 and MTS9300A provide power in outdoor environments for network transmission sites, fixed access sites, and wireless Base Transceiver Station (BTS) sites. Mainly applied to stable grid areas, supply is both highly reliable and capable of coping with complex and fast changing application scenarios.

Indoor Integrated Intelligent Site

Huawei Indoor Integrated Intelligent Site provides stable, reliable power to Radio Access Network (RAN), fixed network, aggregation room, Central Office (CO) room, and enterprise telecom sites. An indoor DC power system, it features a standalone or integrated design, an industry-leading 97% rectifier module, and rated output capacity from 200 A to 3000 A.

Embedded Power & Module

Huawei’s Embedded Power & Module provides stable –48 V DC power for wireless and fixed access networks, transmission networks, and enterprise network equipment. It can be deployed independently or embedded into power cabinets

Advanced Hybrid Power

Huawei’s Advanced Hybrid Power solution, designed for solar, diesel, or grid scenarios, provides reliable power supply to off-grid and unreliable grid areas, and can handle complex and fast changing application scenarios

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